Our mission is to empower people to make the most out of their day.

The Birth of Idea

My mum and I have a busy and active lifestyle. We have always found it time-consuming and unnecessary to keep switching shoes for every change of location, season, and activity!

But our main motivator is my grandmum who refuses to wear slippers inside the house! She hates the bulk and how it overheats her feet. But we know she’s not 100% safe with just socks!

Developing Our First Pair

We know we’re not the only ones with those struggles. So, for our prototype, our goal was to merge everything we wanted in a shoe, slipper, and sock.

After countless hours of crafting, testing, and many failed pairs, we’ve come up with what is now, Bliss Foot!

This is for everyone who has a spontaneous day.

Blissful Feet, Better Days

We believe that the wellbeing of our feet affects our mood and energy throughout the day.

Notice how you feel better and restored when you take off your shoes?

The goal is to keep your feet feeling free and comfortable the entire day so you can be yourself and perform your best.

This pair is designed to make you last the whole day so you to accomplish more. You’ll feel the difference.

Our Values


From now on, you don’t have to switch shoes again. Ever. Our pair is designed to suit all your activities - indoors and outdoors.


Your new go-to footwear for all seasons. Finally, you have a pair that'll keep you warm and comfortable throughout all seasons.


Built with our commitment to keeping you safe all day, in all you do. Made with durable, long-lasting materials, finished with anti-slip soles.